How WP Sandbox Works

First, a potential customer visits your website.
Then, the customer clicks the "Try" link.
Now WP Sandbox generates a WP install with your plugin or theme pre-loaded, and sends your customer right to the WP admin.
set up is easy

Here's how to get started with WP Sandbox.

Step 1

Create a WordPress Install with WP Sandbox

After signing up, you can create any number of WordPress installations. These are totally normal WordPress installs, with one special feature: they can be duplicated in seconds.
step 2

Configure the WordPress Install

Install your theme, plugin, and anything else you want. Configure any settings. Load any example content.
Step 3

Let your website visitors copy the install

Each install you create has a special URL that, when visited, will duplicate it.
Send people that want to demo your plugin or theme to this link.
Your install will be duplicated and the user will be sent right to the WP admin, already logged in and ready to go.
our Guarantee

Boost your business or we'll give you $20.

WP Sandbox will simplify your support and increase your sales. 
If it doesn't, tell us within 30 days and we'll give $20.

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