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Plans are based on the number of installs you are currently using.
Expired or deleted installs don't count towards your limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many installs do I need?

To give you an idea,  WP All Import uses around 600 active installs. The WP All Import website gets around 45,000 visits per month. 

So dividing your monthly visits by 75 will give you a rough idea of your usage. 

What is an active install?

When a new install is created it counts as an active install. After the install expires and is deleted, it no longer counts as an active install.​ Installs are automatically deleted 7 days after they are last accessed.

What if I exceed the allowed number of installs?

No problem. When you run out of active installs your customers will still be able to create demo installs. We won't disable your account or anything. Just please upgrade to a more appropriate plan before the month is up

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, all payments to us are fully refundable within 30 days, so if for any reason you aren't happy with our service, just let us know you'd like to cancel and we'll refund your last payment to us in full, no questions asked.

When are installs deleted?

Installs are deleted 7 days after the user last logs in.

Can I set my installs to expire later?

Yes, you can extend the expiration date for your installs to whatever date you like, or you can turn the expiration date off entirely.

Can I set my installs to expire sooner?

Yes, we can change the expiration date for your installs. But, our pricing is tuned to account for installs expiring in 7 days. So, if you would like to change your expiration date we'll charge you based on how many new installs you create per month so that you'll pay the same that would if your installs expired after 7 days.
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